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Every once in a while, we at Hub Tech Solutions get to be part of a project that’s both challenging and rewarding. One such experience was our collaboration with Accents Fine Home Interiors and Gifts. Nestled in the heart of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Accents is a cornerstone of the community, operating a large retail store in West Hattiesburg, as well as a busy location in Midtown, right across from USM’s campus. They’ve built a name for themselves by being the Go To Spot for your home and gift needs, as well as managing an extensive range of registries from bridal to baby showers, graduations, and beyond.


Change, as they say, is the only constant. In the world of tech, this couldn’t be truer. Accents faced this reality when their trusted point of sale and website platform, Quickbooks Point of Sale, reached its end-of-life. The challenge was significant – find a replacement platform that could handle the complexities of their operation without disrupting the crucial business functions or risking the loss of valuable customer data.


Pulling together as teams often do in challenging times, we joined heads with Accents, eventually settling on Shopify as the best fit. It wasn’t a decision made lightly – a considerable amount of data needed to be safely migrated, and the new platform had to be flawlessly integrated with Accents existing system.

While all this was happening, we put on our creative hats and co-facilitated a website redesign, aiming for an easy, user-friendly shopping experience for Accents loyal customers. Because whether you’re picking out a gift for a special someone or setting up a registry for life’s big moments, it should be a joy, not a chore.


Hard work, collaboration, and a few cups of coffee later, we successfully navigated Accents transition to Shopify. Today, Accents operates on a more efficient, secure, and user-friendly platform, delivering an enhanced shopping experience to their customers.

For us at Hub Tech Solutions, this project was a testament to our commitment: working hand-in-hand with our clients, providing tailored tech solutions that not only meet their business needs but also elevate their customer experience.

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